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Our Research & Development team is committed to delivering innovative product solutions for your business. 


Developers > A talented team of Product Developers ranging from Master Baker’s with over 40 years of bakery experience to Pastry Chef’s with Cordon Bleu certification are always working on new product innovation solutions for you.

Research > We believe creating a trend is smarter than following a trend.  With experienced leaders on staff from every channel in the industry, our market access around the world and with a library of industry sales & demographic data we stay ahead of the trends and work to create them.

Equipment > We have all the latest equipment (ovens, holding cabinets, etc.) used in the Food Service, Retail & Convenience channels. This allows us to test your products from a production perspective during development. We are able to ensure manufacturing efficiency & consistency while also evaluating product from a finished execution perspective, duplicating the operating conditions within your facilities.

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