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Our culture is built around our manufacturing excellence.


We are constantly expanding our capability to secure our partners’ future growth with the contingency required to provide peace of mind. 

Total square footage > Our current capability at our Fiera Foods facilities is 600,000 square feet with access to an additional 140,000 square feet through our alliance partnerships.

Artisan Bread & Rolls > Access to state-of-the-art bread and roll lines from France with a complete souring system offer you all types of unique recipe & taste profile possibilities. With the capability of executing over 2,500,000 cases of product per year, we can handle any size volume — big or small. Learn more about our Artisan Breads & Rolls here.

Bagels > You have access to the most automated bagel lines in North America with an execution volume capable of serving all the largest business across North America.  Our automated equipment delivers the long term cost containment your business requires, and a product quality & consistency second to none. With pride, we offer the highest quality bagels possible — featuring a long development time for flavor & texture, and then finished in a direct fire oven to lock in all the moisture and flavor. This time honoured process delivers the authentic chewy crust your customers are looking for today. Learn more about our Bagels here.

Croissants > With the manufacturing power of over 500,000,000 Croissant per year your volume requirements are secured! Learn more about our Croissants here.

Puff, Danish & Cinnamon Roll Pastry > Access to the most popular line of pastries in North America, our custom cutters and intricate production lines deliver every conceivable size and shape of product your imagination desires. Learn more about our Puff Pastries here, and our Danish & Cinnamon Pastries here.

Contingency > Secondary back up to all our production capabilities ensures you will never run into outages related to product production while delivering the security required for the largest of businesses.

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