Premium Bagels

Tired of eating bread disguised as a bagel? If you are looking for real bagels made in the authentic New York bagel tradition our Premium Bagels deliver what your consumers crave….


Authenticity > Boiled and kosher — as bagels must be

Time delivers flavour > Minimum 4 hours of dough development

Size is up to you > Sizes to fit today’s consumers’ desires — 3 oz to 4.5 oz

Case preference > We can customize our case size based on the requirements of your business

Package format > Sliced or unsliced, in bulk or retail ready packaging

Retail Packaging > Fully packaged 4’s, 5’s, or 6’s upon request with our exclusive Bon Appé brand or your own Private Label brand

Dough formats > We have you completely covered: Fully baked, par-baked, or frozen dough available








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