Freezer to Oven (FTO) Danishes

Why procure your “Freezer to Oven” Danish pastry from Europe when the best Danishes are right here in North America?

Craftsmanship >Our FTO Danish Pastries are hand crafted using authentic selected ingredients straight from the Netherlands.

Right package > With our FTO Mini Danish Assorted Pack, with 5 varieties of product in 1 case, you can serve the variety your require and maximize your storage space

Cinnfully delicious > Deliver the irresistible aroma of freshly baked Cinnamon Rolls made with delicious exotic cinnamon in a convenient freezer to oven format.

Simple excellence > Deliver world class pastry consistently with even the most unskilled labor!

Formats > Wide range of Freezer to Oven European inspired pastries, Cinnamon rolls, Crowns, Bear Claws, Twists and more

Custom fillings > Our alliance partnership allows access to a dedicated filling plant enabling you to customize your own fillings and embrace the latest trends.

Guilt free > All our pastries are trans fat free.

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